Answers to your tucking questions



Are your Shirttail Garters sold as pairs?

YES, that would be super mean of us if they did not, so for just $29.99 (traditional), $39.99 (sockless) you can keep both your right and left sides equally tucked in.


Are your Shirttail Garters comfortable?

Of course they are! Other than the feeling of your shirt being incredibly tucked-in you WILL NOT even notice you have them on after the first few wears. You can sit, stand, run, jump, and even dunk a basketball (if you can actually dunk) with our Shirttail Garters on, we promise. 


Can someone tell if I have Shirttail Garters on?

Other than your amazingly polished look no one can see that you have Shirttail Garters on even in the slimmest pants. (OK maybe not in spandex tights, but then again why would you be tucking a dress shirt into tights)


Will wearing Shirttail Garters damage my shirt or socks?

NO, We are only in the business of keeping shirts tucked, not ripping them. Our clips are designed with no sharp edges and are sensitive yet sturdy enough to hold even the most delicate fabrics without a worry. Any indent left in the fabric will disappear after washing. 


What will someone (specifically a romantic someone) think if they see me in these?

Firstly, if you’re worried about losing a deal over these, you probably never had it in the first place so consider it a favor. Secondly, the confidence gained from your sharper than sharp look will overcome any awkwardness. A simple explanation that Shirttail Garters have been worn for decades by well dressed men worldwide will only elevate your appeal.


How do put on the Shirttail Garters?

See here.


Are your suspenders available in clip-ons?

NO. NO. NO. We even include a set of buttons so you can sew them on to your favorite trousers. Can't sew? Learn, it's pretty easy and gentlemanly to know how, but if not just bring them to any tailor and have them do it for you for less than $5.


Are your products washable?

Due to the leather and metal components on our products we suggest only spot cleaning or delicate hand washing with air-drying. Please wash at your own risk.


What is the warranty on your products?

All of our products have a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please see here--->(shipping/ordering info) for return instructions. If for any reason your product fails after the 14-day period please contact us to inform us of the situation. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with your product, so we will make many accommodations to provide that satisfaction, however all cases will be handled individually and we may ask to see pictures to determine a best solution.


Ordering Question?

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Shipping Questions?

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Return Questions?

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