Shipping Deadlines 

Standard Domestic - February 6

Priority Domestic - February 8

Express Domestic - February 11


Valentine’s Date Tips

KK & Jay’s Valentines Tips for Successful Valentines Day.

1. Plan your work and work your plan - Whether it’s an elaborate soirée or simple night at home don’t wait last minute to get those important things that make it special. See our shipping cutoff times above for one of THE most important things. 

2. Be confident, share confidence. - Look your best and let them know they look amazing too. FYI. Some KK & Jay Suspenders and Shirttail Garter usually help do the trick here. 

3. Mind your P’s and Q’s - Be on your best behavior. Please put the phone away for the night, unless of course you need to show them about KK & Jay. 

4. Think Thoughtful - It ain’t about you. Take pleasure in making them feel like the star of the show and just maybe you’ll be the star of the encore. (where hopefully you’ll be showing off your secret for staying tucked)

5. Relax and enjoy - After all, you know KK & Jay will always be there to keep you looking strapping and staying tucked so what else is there to worry about. Right?